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Created 7-Jan-16
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Silhoueted Sprce TreesIce-Coated Rock, Great Slave Lake. 1995.Snow Drifts, Great Slave LakeSpruce Clump, Great Slave Lake. 1995.Sun Over Great Slave Lake, 1986Islet, Yellowknife Bay, 1986Sastrugi, Great Slave Lake, 1985Ice-covered Bush 1, Great Slave Lake. 1985.Sastrugi and Rocks, Yellowknife Bay, 1985Ice-covered Bush 2, Great Slave Lake. 1985.Snow Form, Great Slave Lake, 1985Rocks and Snow Drifts, 1985Ice Cracks, Great Slave Lake, 1985Ice-covered Bush 3, Great Slave Lake. 1985.Birch Silhouette. 1985.Sastrugi Pattern, Great Slave Lake. 1985Snow Angles, Great Slave Lake, 1985Ice from fall storms on tree, Great Slave Lake, 1985Spruce Silhouette, 1985Ptarmigan Imprint, 1985

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