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Created 22-Oct-16
37 photos

Occasionally I spend a little time photographing the built environment. In that setting I enjoy working with form, texture and colour. The results often tend toward abstraction. Sometimes I also throw in a bit of political commentary.
Unlike my current nature work, in this milieu I often use 35mm film cameras or compact digital cameras. I find that the slightly rough technical quality (imperfect colour, grain/noise) often complements the subjects.
Arches. Victoria, BCMarket Square Entrance. Victoria, BCAbandoned Building, Victoria, BCGoodfellas Cigar Shop, Victoria, BCBicycle Stand, Victoria, BCRed and BlueFence and Graffiti, VictoriaGate, Victoria, 2011Alleyway, Nanaimo, BCStairway to Purgatory11 Cliff Street, Nanaimo, BCGraffitti Boards. 2016.Playground Fence. 2016.Hangout Bench. 2016.Ramps in Rain. 2016Rainy Playground, Gabriola IslandPropane Tank. 2016.Shingle Doorway, 2011Mailboxes, WhitehorseWellingto Hall, Nanaimo, BC

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