John Poirier Photography | Northern Canada in Colour
Created 17-Dec-15
22 photos

Spring Breakup, Mouth of Yellowknife Bay. 2000Frosty Lakeshore. 2002.Marsh Grasses. 1991.Canadian Shield Wetland in Fall. 1997.Jack Pine and Lichens. 2004.Birch Trees and Rock Face, Spring. 2000Mackenzie River, Summer Midnight. 1989.Yellowknife Viewed from Jolliffe Island. 1992.Long Lake at Midnight. 1992.Poplar Trees, Summer Night. 1991.Slave River Near Fort Smith. 2001.Turbulent Waters of the Slave River Near Fort Smith. 2001.Afternoon Sun, Pontoon Lake. 1988.Birch Trees and Lichens. 1988.Mountain Avens on the Canadian Shield. 1988Ground Drift, Great Slave Lake. 1989Lone Jack Pine. 1991.Sunset, Prosperous Lake. 1989Yellowknife Bay in Extreme Cold. 2001.Snow Textures. 1988.

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